You have so many options when it comes to hardwood floors. You have choice after choice regarding type, color, plank size, and finish. However, there’s one decision that’s simple even though it’s one you should give a lot of thought to: Light or dark hardwood?

It’s a big decision! And both light and dark hardwood floors have their pros and cons. Floor Coverings International Cleveland East will help you decide which is best for you.

Light Hardwood Flooring

Light floors promote a sunny and cheerful atmosphere. If you’re an individual who loves bright and colorful decorations, then a lighter hardwood floor may fit your mood and style better. Lighter floors have less maintenance, too, because minor scratches blend in. You don’t have to sweep as often because dust doesn’t show up as much on light hardwood. Light hardwood floors also make spaces look bigger and more open.

Light Hardwood Floor
Dark Hardwood Flooring

Dark floors are elegant and classic. Dark hardwood tends to be more popular as well, and looks good with a wider variety of furniture and decorations. However, there are downsides to dark flooring. Scratches show up more easily, and dust can be seen on darker floors much more than on light hardwood. On the upside, dark floors look a bit more earthy and natural compared to lighter wood floors, but dark wood floors can make rooms look smaller than they are.

Dark Hardwood Floor

When choosing, you also have to consider what color you want to paint your walls. Dark hardwood with dark walls will most likely make your home look too shadowy and dim. However, light walls and a light floor may have the opposite effect and make your home look dated or old-fashioned. If having specific wall colors is important to you, it might be best to choose your flooring around that decision.

And when it comes to the light vs. dark hardwood debate, there’s always the option of choosing something in between! Light brown hardwood floors can look beautiful!

Whatever you decide on, come to your Floor Coverings International in Cleveland and we’ll install your dream floor! We also offer free design consultations for personalized assistance.

Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan