comfortable floors year-round cleveland eastInstalling the right kind of flooring can help you stay cool in the summer. However, some of the choices that keep you comfortable now will make your home uncomfortably chilly in the winter. Here at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East, we have a number of solutions for keeping your home cozy all year-round. The choices below will help to regulate the temperature in your Cleveland East home no matter the season.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpet fibers help to insulate the room and keep winter chills off of your feet. Thick fibers like wool are the best for insulating warmth, so use these in rugs to warm up a wooden or tile floor during the winter. Adjust to the changing temperatures by adding or removing rugs throughout the year. Synthetic carpets with thinner fibers are a good choice for wall-to-wall carpeting. They will prevent your floors from being too warm in the summer but will still be a cozy option for the winter.

Cork Floors

Cork is a natural insulator thanks to its porous cell structure that allows it to trap heat. Cork’s ability to trap heat means that it will feel relatively warm underfoot during the winter but will also keep excess heat from being emitted into the air during the summer. This makes cork a great choice for comfort year-round. The porous nature of cork makes it very comfortable to walk on, and it has the added benefit of being all natural and eco-friendly.

Stone and Radiant Heating

Natural stone floors conduct heat very well, meaning that they resist heat absorption. When kept in a shady room in the summer, these floors will remain relatively cool. However, they will be freezing in the winter. Pair your stone floors with radiant heating to ensure comfort year-round. Stone is very compatible with this form of heating and will amplify its warmth for ultimate comfort.

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These are just a few of our favorite options to help keep your Cleveland East home comfortable year-round. Call Floor Coverings International Cleveland East to schedule your free consultation, and learn more about our flooring selection. We proudly serve the greater Cleveland area.


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