Choosing hardwood flooring is hard enough, but committing to the price tag can cause a lot of hesitation for Cleveland homeowners. However, with flooring technology becoming more advanced, your home can have the classic and stylish hardwood look without the cost. With luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), the looks of more expensive flooring variations are within reach. Speak with your local experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East to see if LVF is right for your home.

Luxury Vinyl in Cleveland

What is Luxury Vinyl?

Think of the classic vinyl of the 80s with a modern touch of 20th century technology. The durable, easy to install material that has been in homes for decades can now be customized to contain all the beauty and depth of popular flooring trends. With 3D printing, LVF can mimic the grains and splashes of hardwood and even be textured to feel like stone and slate floors. The possibilities are endless but you’ll still be paying a fraction of the price for your elegant looking floors.

Care & Maintenance

The biggest benefit of LVF is that even though you’ll be installing tiles that look and feel like real hardwood, slate, or stone, they have all the easy maintenance requirements of traditional vinyl flooring. That means stain resistance, durability against scratches, and stress free cleanups. While they are not as long lasting as the materials they mimic, they are a great investment if the real thing is out of your budget.

LVF In Your Home

With the large variety of LVF available, you could install it in any room of your home. It will be generally more forgiving underfoot than a hardwood or stone floor, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens, entryways, and hallways. It can be printed in any color or style you want so there is no limit to the designs possible in your home. You can get your LVF to look like marble in your kitchen, granite in your bathrooms, and hardwood in your bedrooms.

Everything you love about vinyl and everything you want from luxury options is available at an affordable price with luxury vinyl flooring. This is one of the best everyday flooring options available for Cleveland homes and we know you’ll love it as much as we do. If you’re intrigued about luxury vinyl flooring, contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Photo © Siamnukhathut Purathaka