Hardwood flooring is an investment that brings unbeatable style and durability to our homes. When well maintained, hardwood can last a lifetime and look as good as it did the day it was installed. Floor Coverings International Cleveland East knows exactly how to care for your hardwood floors and wants to share the inside scoop!


Start On The Right Foot

Protecting your hardwood floors starts even before the planks get to your home. To prevent superficial scratching or denting, a durable sealant is applied to each plank of flooring. This finishing touch comes in different forms and can affect the way your floor looks, so talk to us about which is best based on the type of flooring you choose.

This sealant can protect against small amounts of moisture exposure, such as liquid spills, but it does not make it possible for hardwood to be placed in moisture-prone areas such as a bathroom or below-grade room. Its main purpose is to increase resistance against heavy foot traffic and decrease wear and tear.


Cleaning Hardwood Tips on Maintenance Everyday Maintenance

Unlike carpet, dirt and dust buildup on hardwood is easily noticeable and can be felt by anyone walking barefoot across your floors. Sweeping or vacuuming should be a part of your regular routine to make sure your home stays clean. While buildup doesn’t harm the wood itself, it can wear away at the finish on the surface.

To remove grime or stain, use an appropriate cleaning solution and a rag. Avoid mopping altogether; the excess liquid, if not soaked up completely, can potentially be absorbed by the wood and result in warping.


An Annual Check-Up

To keep your floors looking bright, we recommend re-polishing or we-waxing hardwood every year. This may vary depending on the type of wood and the lifestyle in your home, but an annual treatment will rejuvenate the look of your floors. Under constant wear and tear, hardwood can begin to look dull or muted in color.

Specific species might have distinct treatments to consider, so make sure to do your research! For example, the bold color of Brazilian cherry hardwood can fade when exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, but with a bi-annual application of linseed oil, you can prevent this discoloration.


Refinishing hardwood flooring maintenance tipsAfter Bumps and Bruises

If you’ve acquired damage through years of use, it may be worthwhile to refinish your hardwood floors. Copious scratches, noticeable denting, or even splotchy staining can be removed during the refinishing process. Hire a professional team with the right tools to sand down the damaged layer of your hardwood, reseal, and re-polish the floors. Your hardwood will look good as new and you don’t have to lift a finger.


Contact Us!

Maintaining the quality and durability of your luxurious hardwood floors is as simple as these four steps. To learn more about what to expect with hardwood floors, or if you are planning a new hardwood project, give your local experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East a call! We offer free consultations and proudly serve Cleveland, and neighboring cities!



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