Here at Floor Coverings International of Cleveland, we carry
an incredibly varied selection of products. Looking for new hardwood flooring
for your bedroom addition? We’ll bring a van full of different samples for you
to consider, making the process as easy as possible. Whether it’s luxury carpet
flooring or green products such as bamboo flooring and cork, FCI Cleveland has
exactly what you’re looking for at a price that can’t be beat. For this post,
we’ve put together a guide to tile flooring and its various styles and types in
the hopes of making the choice easier than ever. Read on to find out a bit more
about tile flooring, and contact Floor Coverings International Cleveland today
for a free in home estimate!

Ceramic and Porcelain
Tile Flooring

When most people think of tile flooring, they’re likely
picturing either porcelain tile or ceramic tile. These classic entries
demonstrate everything that homeowners love about tile flooring, and their
looks pair perfectly with areas in the home typically associated with tile
flooring. Both ceramic and porcelain tile flooring have similar physical
characteristics in that they’re both easy to maintain and tend to remain cool
during the warmer months. For this reason, many homeowners utilize ceramic and
porcelain tile flooring in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, where the
ease of maintenance and ability to withstand moisture make them ideal
candidates. Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring can also look great in other
rooms of your home, particularly if you’re pursuing a Southwestern design
scheme or a more Modernist decor. If you’re interested in tile flooring, the
first option to consider is either ceramic or porcelain tile.

Natural Stone Tile

Similar in many ways to porcelain and ceramic tile, natural
stone flooring can be a great way to achieve a clean, serene look in your home.
One of the great things about natural stone tile flooring is the sheer amount
of styles and types available, from travertine to slate. Natural stone flooring
is very versatile for this reason, and can be easily utilized throughout your
home. Although natural stone tile flooring can function in many areas of the
home, it is still most often seen in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, a
fact it shares with ceramic and porcelain tile floors. In warmer areas, such as
Florida or Arizona, you’ll often find natural stone throughout the home; here in
Cleveland, however, it is still mostly utilized in areas that tend to see
moisture and require ease of clean up.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

One of our favorite products on the market, Luxury Vinyl
Tile is an affordable flooring option manufactured to mimic the look of
flooring options such as ceramic and porcelain tile as well as natural stone.
If more traditional tile floorings just won’t work with your budget, look into
Luxury Vinyl Flooring. You’ll be able to achieve the tile flooring look you
want with a much lower budget. Better yet, Luxury Vinyl Tile is produced with
added maintenance and performance benefits, making it a great choice for many

If you’re in the market for new tile flooring in the
Cleveland area, make sure to contact Floor Coverings International for your
free in-home estimate!