flooring mayfieldFor many homeowners, the holidays are a busy time. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party this year or simply having family over for the weekend, you’ll want to prepare your floors for spills, muddy shoes, and party fouls. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East have compiled a list of ways to protect your Mayfield home this season no matter what your schedule has in store!

Entryway Flooring Fixes

Even if you’re in a pinch, there are plenty of ways to protect your floors from tracked in mud and dripping clothes. The first step is to guard your entryway. Include mats both outdoors and indoors for double protection against mud-encrusted shoes. Bristly doormats made of materials like coir will be especially effective at removing grit that could otherwise scratch your hardwoods. Use water resistant mats in the entryway to guard against any dripping clothes or muddy shoes. You may even consider including a shoe shelf in your entryway to encourage guests to remove their shoes upon entering.

Cover Carpet From Spillsmayfield carpet

You can protect the most heavily trafficked areas in your home with rugs and runners. This will be especially important in rooms where food and drink will be present. Choose synthetic rugs that are treated for stains so that even if someone spills wine on your rug, it can be cleaned for use again later. Runners and rugs will prevent spills, shoes, and dropped bites of food from ruining your carpet. They will also help to preserve stone or hardwood from moisture damage and surface scratches.

Refinish and Reseal Flooring

Refinishing your hardwood flooring is important, not only for restoring its shine but also for preserving its quality. A good finish seals hardwood from moisture damage and protects it from surface scratches. If the finish on your hardwoods is wearing down, consider refinishing them before your guests come over. This could prevent spilled drinks from permanently staining the wood.

Porous stone like marble and travertine is also susceptible to staining from certain liquids. A properly sealed stone floor is protected against light spills, but sealants need to be touched up every 5 years or so. Save yourself a world of trouble by resealing stone floors if necessary before inviting guests over.

Easily Installed Flooring Solutions

You may think that installing brand new flooring is a too big a task to undertake during the holiday season, but there are some flooring solutions that are quick and easy to install. Luxury vinyl plank and laminate flooring are two affordable hardwood alternatives that fall under this category.

Both look just like real hardwood but are more water resistant and durable against scratches and dents. Not only will these new floors stand up to the wear and tear of your guests, but they will also impress your family members when they come over. You have no reason not to give yourself the gift of new flooring this holiday season!

Get Started in Mayfield Today

No matter what this month holds for you, there are all sorts of ways to protect your Mayfield home from shoes and spills this holiday season. Call Floor Coverings International Cleveland East today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you refinish your existing floors or pick out new ones. We proudly serve Cleveland and surrounding areas.


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