While carpet and hardwood are flooring mainstays here in Cleveland, homeowners have increasingly leaned towards floors that are hassle-free, easy to maintain, and sustainable. We’ve seen styles come and go at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East, but we think these three flooring trends are here to stay.

Corkcork flooring trends Cleveland East

Cork has exploded lately as a go-to choice for flooring. Homeowners are drawn to cork because it’s one of the most eco-friendly options on the market today. The farming practices of cork are one of the key reasons people are opting for cork. Instead of cutting the tree down, it is harvested by stripping the outer layer of bark on the cork tree. The bark then grows back in as little as three years. Cork is a naturally elastic material that simultaneously provides cushion and sturdiness. Its construction makes it hypoallergenic and resistant to scratches, water damage, mold, mildew, and even fire. Because of this, cork is excellent for high traffic areas like the kitchen, living room, and entryways.



Rubberrubber flooring trends Cleveland East

Rubber has grown in popularity in recent years for its comfort and affordability. Homeowners in Cleveland especially love rubber flooring in areas like the laundry room, kitchen, workshop, home gym, and basement. Incredibly durable, a rubber floor can hold up to years of heavy foot traffic due to its resistance to stains, moisture, and dirt. Cleaning is a cinch with a broom, mop, or vacuum. Rubber comes in both rolled sheeting and tile forms, so you have options when it comes to installation. We tend to prefer rubber tiles because they are easier to install and replace. While black rubber is the most common choice, there are many colors to choose from.

wood-look tile trends Cleveland EastWood Look Tile

Wood-look tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic, which then are embossed with a realistic image and texture of wood grain. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can have the look of any hardwood species you like at a fraction of the cost. Unlike actual hardwood, wood-look tiles are waterproof and won’t scratch or dent. They’re easy to clean with a mop or broom. However, be sure to have your wood-look tile floor professionally installed. It takes an expert hand to properly lay the tiles and grout in a way that makes them look like hardwood.

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