cleveland east carpet tileFloor tiles famously come in stone, ceramic, and other tough materials. But carpet is no exception to that list, as it, too, can come in tile form rather than the familiar wall-to-wall format. Carpet tile is practical and diverse, with a number of benefits to explore. Today, Floor Coverings International Cleveland East talks about the simple and durable option of carpet tile for Aurora homeowners or businesses in search of bold flooring.

What is Carpet Tile?

Carpet tile is technically a series of square-cut carpet sections that fit together almost seamlessly. These tiles are usually low-pile and tightly looped, which lends carpet tile a level of durability that is perfect for high-traffic areas in your home. Carpet tile flooring is well suited to active family homes and energetic business floors.

Carpet tile is laid down with glue or staples, so it won’t peel upward. But if you need, the tiles can be individually removed! Stains, tears, and other threats to attractive carpeting can be negated by replacing a damaged tile. Since carpet tile is resilient to damage, this is somewhat unlikely in the first place. But should a household pet or company lunch lead to challenging carpet accidents, the tile in question can be easily replaced by a brand new matching carpet tile.

cleveland east carpet tile


Carpet tile allows for a certain level of customization that standard carpeting does not. With carpet tile, you can be as uniform or as diverse as you would like! Bring out your inner artist and lay down occasional blue tiles in a room full of white or gray! You can lay your tiles out like a chessboard, or you can keep them a cozy brown across all tiles. It’s completely up to you.


Floor Coverings International Cleveland East and Your Customized Carpet Tiles

Whether you’re looking for carpet tiles, broadloom carpet, or any other flooring style, we want homes in the Aurora area to look their best! For carpet samples and advice, click here to schedule a free in-home consultation. Let our qualified flooring experts bring quality carpeting to you! We proudly serve Cleveland and surrounding areas.


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