plush carpet bedroom University HeightsComfort is one of the main considerations that makes people in University Heights choose carpet for the floors in their homes. Sure, there are plenty of other beautiful flooring materials, like hardwood or tile and stone – but nothing else out there offers the posh look and unequaled coziness of a good plush carpet.

At Floor Coverings International Cleveland East, we know that when it comes to carpet, there’s a lot of odd terminology and confusing information to sort through. That’s why our experts have put together this quick rundown of all the basic info you need about plush, in terms you can understand. Read on to learn more about this lovely carpet and figure out whether it’s right for your home.

What Exactly Is Plush Carpet?

Technically speaking, plush is a style of cut pile carpet with an extremely soft texture and a uniform surface of fibers cut to an equal height. “Cut pile” refers to any carpet with a surface that has been sheared in order to give it a softer, more luxurious consistency. Plush can come in a variety of densities and twists which affect the appearance, feel, and functionality of the carpet.

Simply put, plush carpets are the ones that most of us imagine when we think of a typical beige carpet in the living room of your average University Heights home. Still, it’s good to keep in mind that even among plush carpets, there are a range of materials and variables that can change the outward characteristic of the fibers. No matter what, plush will be attractive and comfortable in any space.plush carpet colors University Heights

Why Is Plush So Popular?

The popularity of plush carpet really comes down to two big, all-important factors: the way it looks in your house, and the way it feels. Here are a few other reasons this carpet appears in so many homes:

  • Comes in a variety of colors for design flexibility
  • Density and twist can be manipulated for various textures
  • Can impart a formal look to certain rooms, if desired
  • Great for bedrooms and living rooms
  • Okay for pets and kids

The only real drawback to plush is that it tends to show foot and vacuum impressions if it’s installed in high traffic areas. For that reason, we recommend skipping over plush when you’re considering flooring for hallways and stairs.

plush carpet bedroom University Heights

Ready To Get Comfortable?

If you’re ready to transform one or more of the rooms in your University Heights home into a luxurious spot for your family, contact us today! Floor Coverings International Cleveland East is proud to serve Cleveland and surrounding areas, so our team can bring a convenient mobile showroom straight to your front door. Enjoy the stress free experience of a complimentary in-home consultation: check out samples, have your questions answered by an expert, and benefit from the design experience of our talented professionals. We’re ready to help with your next carpeting project.

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