Cleveland East carpetShopping for new carpet can be confusing and overwhelming. To simplify, carpet is organized into two major styles: cut pile and loop pile. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East break it all down.

Cut pile

Cut pile makes up the majority of residential carpets. The fiber ends of cut pile carpets are cut evenly, making for a smooth texture.

Some common types of cut pile are:

Saxony is usually about half an inch high with a soft, even look, making it great for formal settings. When brushed in one direction, the pile will often appear as a darker shade of color. Saxony carpets will show footprints and vacuum strokes.

Plush carpeting is even denser than Saxony and is used for even more formal settings. It shows a higher level of footprint indentation than Saxony.

Textured carpets don’t have the fiber density of the Saxony. Because of this, textured carpets don’t leave as many indentations. Two-toned yard with uneven surfaces gives it a more casual look, making textured carpet a good match for bedrooms and kids rooms.

Frieze carpets have shorter, twisted fibers and thus show footprints even less than Saxony and textured carpets. Frieze carpets are best suited for commercial spaces.

Loop pile

Loop pile carpets have a looped end, making them a bit rougher but also more durable.

Berber carpets have long, uncut loops that vary in size. Berber carpets are very durable and don’t stain easily, making them good options for high traffic areas. They also don’t show footprints. One potential concern for pet owners is that Berber carpet can sometimes snag.

Level loop carpet is similar to Berber carpet but it has short, even loops. It has many of the same features as Berber without some of the snagging issues. However, level loop carpet is usually one of the hardest and stiffest carpet options.

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