hardwood floorWhat is a Floating Floor?

Good question. Floating floors aren’t common knowledge, but at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East we love them!

Here’s what you need to know: Floating flooring doesn’t mean the floor will actually float in any way. It refers to the installation method and not the actual wood itself. It means that you’re flooring does not need to be nailed or glued down to the subfloor.

Floating floors are most common with laminate, but we offer beautiful floating hardwood floors! Floating wood floors mean the planks attach to each other through a chosen method, such as gluing or snapping together like puzzle pieces. It’s quick and easy, which is one reason why you should consider a floating wood floor.

Benefits of Floating Hardwood Flooring

• Floating hardwood floors look great, but they’re easy to remove (with less damage) if you choose to renovate again.
• They can be placed over almost any type of flooring since they do not need to be nailed down.
• They take less time and fewer materials to install.
• Installation generally costs less than hardwood floors that require nailing, stapling, or attachment to the subfloor.
• They’re great for homeowners looking for a DIY project, but don’t worry, we can install it too!
• Floating wood flooring is easier to repair than nailed down hardwood.
• They tend to be quieter because of the slight barrier of air between the wood and the floor underneath.

We’re Locally Owned

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Photo Credit: Frank Boston