Cleveland East Walnut HardwoodHardwood is a popular flooring choice in the greater Cleveland East area because homeowners love the classic style, durability, and value it brings to a home. There are tons of different hardwood species out there to pick from, all with their different pros and cons. Walnut is a common choice due to its beautiful coloring. The experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East share some walnut hardwood facts below so that you can make an informed decision on your new flooring!


Walnut hardwood has rich, medium-to-dark chocolate coloring and unique grain patterns. It has distinct veins and swirls, which makes each board unique. It will add a stylish, classic look to any room. While most people choose to leave walnut as is, it does take stain very well if you want to change the coloring up. As with most hardwoods, walnut is available in different textures, plank sizes, sheens, and more. Let our trained design associates help you decide what will look best in your home!

Cleveland East Walnut HardwoodDurability and Maintenance

While durable, walnut is a softer hardwood that ranks at 1010 on the Janka hardness scale. This makes it a better choice for areas of the home with less foot traffic, but can still be installed in higher traffic areas of the home if certain precautions are taken. Use area rugs and mats to further protect the floor, and pads under furniture to prevent scuffs. If dents or damage does occur, walnut can be sanded and refinished periodically. Clean up any spills right away and sweep or vacuum weekly. Like most hardwoods, it is pretty easy to maintain.

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Photo Credit: everydayplus & David Papazian