wide plank engineered flooring in cleveland eastWhat Is It?

Wide plank engineered flooring is a popular type of hardwood in the Cleveland East area known for its resistance to moisture and affordability. To get to know this flooring option it’s helpful to start by defining what engineered flooring is. The term engineered refers to the way a plank of hardwood is constructed. Engineered hardwood consists of many layers of wood that are fused together using heat and pressure, and a top layer made of solid wood.

The term wide plank refers to the width of a hardwood plank. Typically, wide plank engineered flooring has a width of five inches or greater. The width of hardwood is mostly a matter of aesthetic preference, but wide plank also provides the advantage of reduced installation time because fewer planks in total need to be installed. We encourage you to read on to learn more about wide plank engineered flooring, and consider adding it to your Cleveland East home.

Wide Plank Engineered Flooring Advantages

Affordable—In general, engineered flooring tends to be slightly less expensive than solid hardwood. This allows homeowners to purchase hardwood, instead of settling for a faux hardwood option, like cork or wood-look tile, without spending a fortune.

Durable—Solid hardwood contracts and expands when exposed to water, which is one reason homeowners sometimes refrain from adding it to their home. Luckily, the unique construction of engineered flooring solves this problem. Engineered hardwood blocks moisture and doesn’t swell or warp, which results in flooring that lasts a long time and requires little maintenance.

Wide Plank Engineered Flooring Precautions

Can Still Be Pricey—Although less expensive than traditional hardwood, engineered flooring does tend to be more expensive than carpet, laminate, or tile. Nevertheless, hardwood of any kind is undeniably timeless, and many homeowners find it to be a worthwhile investment.

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