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Here at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East, we understand just how handy hardwood alternatives can be. Laminate hardwood is one of the most popular wood-look alternatives amongst Aurora homeowners because it is practical, affordable, and looks just like real wood! Read on to learn how you can benefit from installing laminate hardwood in your home.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring combines a fiberboard core, a photographic layer, and a clear protective topcoat into planks or tiles. In the case of laminate hardwood, these pieces of laminate are manufactured into planks and are printed with realistic hardwood images. These planks can be interlocking, allowing them to be easily installed as a floating floor.

Durability of Laminate Hardwood

The protective coating on laminate makes it resistant to scratches and dents. This makes it a popular choice for high-traffic areas in the home or for homeowners with pets and kids. Not only does this topcoat protect against scratches, but it also protects against water damage and spills.

Laminate is resistant to spills, as the top layer will delay liquid from seeping into the flooring. This makes laminate a more preferable choice for kitchens or basements than real hardwood, which is not quite as resistant to this kind of damage.

However, laminate is not suitable for highly moisture-prone areas of the home like the bathroom, as it can swell or warp from too much exposure to liquid.

laminate hardwood floor in aurora

Cost and Installation

One of the biggest perks of laminate hardwood flooring is that it is very easy to install. The planks can be installed over most types of existing flooring, meaning that you won’t have to spend money ripping out your old floors. The process of installing laminate is also quite easy, especially compared to hardwood installation.

Not only will you save on the cost of installation when choosing a laminate floor, but you will also save on the cost of materials. As a man-made product, laminate is not as costly as hardwood or most other flooring types. However, it is also not as long-lasting as hardwood and cannot be refinished. Instead, it must be replaced after wearing down.

Get Started in Aurora Today

Laminate hardwood flooring is a practical and affordable flooring option that Aurora homeowners love! Contact Floor Coverings International Cleveland East today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect laminate for your home. We proudly serve Cleveland and surrounding areas.

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