Many Aurora homeowners choose to utilize glass tile in their space because it allows them to design fun and unique patterns. But did you know that beyond being an attractive, creative flooring material, glass tile is also extremely durable? Follow along with Floor Coverings International Cleveland East as we take you through some of the many benefits of glass tile and give you recommendations on where to utilize this lovely flooring.

Glass Tile in Aurora Floor Coverings International Cleveland East

Benefits of Glass Tile

Besides being a beautiful material to decorate with, glass tile is also extremely useful as a flooring material. Glass tile, which is both crack and stain resistant, is very durable and will hold up well to high levels of foot traffic. It will also repel water and other liquids, leaving these substances on the surface and making them very easy to clean.

Available in a large number of colors and sizes, glass tile provides a high level of design flexibility. With so many ways to arrange and pattern these tiles, you can customize your space to your exact specifications and style. This material is also useful for making spaces appear bigger than they actually are. Glass’ reflective properties help to bounce light around the room, expanding and brightening the space.

Where to Use Glass Tile

Glass tile is an extremely versatile material that can be utilized in a lot of different spaces. Besides flooring, glass tile is also used for showers, backsplashes, countertops, and walls. Available in a wide array of colors, glass tile can be arranged and designed to fit any home décor.

Glass tile is especially perfect for bathroom flooring and kitchen backsplashes due to its water-repellent and stain-resistant surface. Not only will it look great, but this tile will also prevent the growth of mold and mildew and be exceedingly easy to clean.

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