luxury vinyl plankVinyl is a unique flooring material that has evolved over the decades, eventually becoming one of the most popular flooring choices amongst homeowners in recent years. Today’s luxury vinyl plank is commonly chosen as a hardwood alternative thanks to its water resistance, durability, and other practical qualities. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland East have compiled some of the luxury vinyl plank basics you’ll need to know to determine if this is the right flooring choice for your Mayfield home.

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Unlike sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl plank comes in thick, wood-look plank pieces. These planks are given the look and texture of a variety of different hardwood species. They can be installed in a number of ways including glue down or interlocking. This makes luxury vinyl plank easy to install in almost any area and even over some existing floors.

Luxury Vinyl Water Resistance

One reason why luxury vinyl plank is so popular in homes today is because of its incredible water resistance. In fact, some brands are even waterproof! Luxury vinyl plank will not discolor or warp due to humidity or spills, unlike real hardwood. This makes vinyl plank the perfect hardwood alternative for homeowners who want the wood look in moisture-prone rooms like the bathroom, mudroom, or basement.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Durability

Luxury vinyl plank is not only water resistant, but it is also resistant to scratches and dents. These qualities make luxury vinyl a popular choice amongst pet owners, as a vinyl plank floor won’t scratch from pet claws and won’t warp or stain from pet accidents.

Despite being tough against dents and scratches, luxury vinyl plank is still very comfortable underfoot. This type of floor is commonly installed with a cork underlayment, allowing it to be cushiony and insulating. This makes luxury vinyl plank a great option for the kitchen, as it will remain comfortable underfoot even after long periods of standing, and it won’t warp from spilled food or dent from dropped dishes.

vinyl plankMaintaining Luxury Vinyl Plank

One reason why many homeowners are choosing luxury vinyl plank over real hardwood is because it is easy to install and easy to maintain. Hardwood is sensitive to certain cleaners and excess liquid, plus it needs to be refinished every 5 years or so. Luxury vinyl plank also requires gentle cleaners, but unlike hardwood it will not warp from excess moisture while cleaning, and it does not require any special maintenance like sanding, refinishing, or polishing. This is a practical floor that is perfect for busy families and pet owners.

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